Contrary to popular belief satire isn’t supposed to exploit or offend the already marginalized. That would be: Exploitative Humor.

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*waves hello to all the recent followers and sends good vibes of love, respect, and gratitude for all the reblogs and personal stories attached to Adelante [tw: blatant antiblackness]*

I can barely breathe reading some of your responses. In a good way. In a painful way. In a grateful way.

Anonymous said: Thank you so so much for adding trigger warnings to your comics. I really appreciate it

No problem! It only takes a second, and I know it’s not always a good time to process certain stuff. <3


a good artist knows where to draw the line


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candelaypicapica said: You are 100% right. They discriminate us black Cubans, but you see the white Cubans walking around with all the santeria collars and stuff. Like, that's all from the AFRO-Cuban religion. It really makes no sense to me. I feel like it's worse here in

Miami than in Cuba, because when I go to Cuba, I see white people with the black people and don’t feel discriminated at all. It’s sad that white people can be so ignorant sometimes.

Absolutely, it happens A LOT with Santeria, and it makes me hella mad ‘cause that shit had to be practiced IN SECRET to avoid punishment. Now there’s books on everything and even people up in the Northwest where I live talkin bout “Oh, a class on Afro-Cuban folkloric dance, that sounds lovely, I think I’ll sign up.” I can’t say too much about Cuba since I’ve only been there a couple times when I was little (I’m super happy you get to go a lot!!!)! But I’m skeptical about it being “better” there or anything since my mom was still there when she started getting treated like shit for being mulata. :T Then again, black Cubans and mixed Cubans have outnumbered white Cubans on the island for decades now.

Work work work table

Work work work table

I want to learn Afro-Cuban folkloric dance someday.

I want to learn Afro-Cuban folkloric dance someday.

reblog if u hate capitalism but u still want to make money because you need money to survive capitalism lmao i’m sad

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candelaypicapica said: I loved that comic. I can relate to it.

I feel like black cubans in Miami get discriminated so much. I’m saying from my experience. White cubans act like black cubans don’t exist.

It’s too true. I wanna say “I’m glad you could relate to it,” but obviously I wish no one had to relate to that experience. Antiblackness is everywhere, doesn’t matter if the white people are from America, Latin America, Caribbean, Europe, etc. White Cubans don’t want Black Cubans, but they sure don’t wanna let go of the food, music, and culture that Africans brought to the island. It’s fucked up. :/

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I love you, too, Greg. <3

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